This is Tiger’s swing a from few years ago. It was taken from a Nike Commercial. I love this video. Everytime I find myself hitting the ball poorly I watch this. You can take away a lot just from watching it a few times. Notice his posture, grip, and placement of hands (they are slightly–not fully–ahead of the ball).


                Many people thought back in 2003, when Ben Curtis won the British Open, he was a one and done type of player. He would never win again. He would be the Shaun Micheel of the golf world. And no disrespect to Mr. Micheel, but does he have his tour card anymore—Micheel is ranked 592nd in the OWGR.

                Back to Curtis—he won last week in Texas! That’s pretty sweet, and just for the record, this is his fourth win on the PGA Tour. So congrats to Curtis, he shot 67,67,73,72. I think this may be an omen for Curtis who is ranked 285th in the OWGR. He hasn’t won in six years, but like I always say: “Losers remember how to lose, but winners never forget how to win.

              After his victory, the emotion filled Curtis explained his feelings over the last few years:

              “When you come out here and win one, well, if I win one a year I have a great career. That would be true… But, you know, to get three or four, five wins—you’re a solid player. I just feel like you get yourself into contention and just have that belief, and anything can happen.”

                I think one of the things we forget watching these guys on TV, is that, they are “guys.” They aren’t super human, everyone gets caught up in golf, everyone gets caught up in something (cough, cough, the super human Tiger got ‘caught up’). And no matter how long it takes for a guy to win again on tour, or even to break 100, 90, 80, or 70, the game always asks us to come back for more. We love this game, and like anything else, if we believe in it, hanging around just long enough, it’ll give back.   

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